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High performance fastening with unrivalled global support

Structural engineering professionals are likely to know the LIEBIG brand over the name EJOT. The German owned EJOT Group is well known for the design and manufacturing of industrial roofing, cladding and insulation fasteners – solutions for the modern building envelope.

EJOT succeeded in acquiring the Finnish company SORMAT who had previously acquired the LIEBIG brand. This enabled EJOT to merge the original LIEBIG anchoring technology into its manufacturing and technical support capability to form one unified market force that allows easy access through EJOT’s supply channels.

LIEBIG products are hallmarked classics and renowned worldwide for the high quality and anchoring strngth they provide. Modular by design, all LIEBIG anchors are easily adapted to create bespoke lengths and assemblies quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

BLS With hex nut, washer and threaded stud superplus screw with hex nut BLS-P With hex nut, washer and threaded stud hex nut screw ILS With internally threaded sleeve superplus threaded sleeve screw