Liebig Superplus Undercut Anchors For Cracked & Uncracked Concrete

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Liebig Superplus

The undercut fixing system that does not require a special setting tool.

Original anchoring technology

Civil and structural engineers in many countries will value the modular design and anchoring strength of the LIEBIG SUPERPLUS® undercut anchor – one of several original LIEBIG products that became part of the EJOT manufacturing portfolio in 2017.

Engineered for applicatons where safety and strength is vital, typical applications include heavy machinery installations, power facilities, steel manufacturing plants, structural steel work, nuclear and other special structural solutions.

The LIEBIG SUPERPLUS anchor is designed to provide automatic self-undercutting. That means that an undercut is created as soon as the installation torque is applied. The sleeve’s outer cutting teeth then expand and undercut into the substrate. The result is a durable mechanical interlock within the base material that provides safe, secure anchoring in both cracked and non-cracked concrete.

Benefits of using Liebig Superplus

  • High capacity anchor for cracked and non-cracked concrete
  • Simple installation, no special drill bit or setting tool required
  • Applying torque creates undercut
  • Two approved embedment depths per diameter
  • Lower installed cost than traditional undercut anchors
  • Reduced edge distances and spacings
  • Approved for fire resistance
  • Custom lengths available on request
liebig superplus features